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Our Simulators

Standard Build

The standard package includes all of the top-end "consumer" offerings that you will need for at-home training.

Professional Build

The professional package features high-end components that present the best, most realistic home driving experience possible.

Custom Build

Custom packages are available and feature specially curated components to exactly replicate a particular car for configurations specified by the client.



Fully self-contained on wheels with only one external plug required for power.


Total footprint is

64”L x 48”W x 40”H

RAcing software

iRacing is a top-quality subscription software easily operated by multiple users. Assetto Corsa features cars and tracks developed by GPX Lab. Allows for full customization and branding opportunities.

iRacing and Assetto Corsa will come pre-installed.

remote support

6 months of remote support are included with your simulator.

Additional remote support packages are available upon request.


Our simulators have been designed to be compact and modular, which makes shipping and installation painless.

Begin Your Build

GPX Lab home simulators are built-to-order.


Please contact us for your expert-guided build, our full catalog of options, availability, and more.

Thanks for submitting!
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